First Spouse Coin Prices Likely to Rise

by admin on April 13, 2010

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First Spouse gold coin prices are likely to rise Wednesday, since market gold prices have steadily been rising. The US Mint’s pricing policy bases its gold collector coin prices on the London Fix average weekly price of gold, and the Fix price has teetered above the $1,150 per ounce threshold (See coin price grid).

If Wednesday morning’s Fix price is above $1,127.25 an ounce, then the US Mint will raise its gold coin prices by $25. A Proof First Spouse coin is now $729 and the Uncirculated is $716. The new prices would be $754 and $741 respectively.

The reason it only has to be at least $1,127.25 is because Monday morning’s price was so high, at $1,163.50. The daily AM and PM prices during the week were

Tuesday, the 13th $1,149.25 $1,148.25
Monday, the 12th $1,163.50 $1,158.75
Friday, the 9th $1,156.00 $1,152.50
Thursday, the 8th $1,146.50 $1,148.00


In the past, when the US Mint had to adjust the price, they did it right before 12 PM ET. They also briefly froze ordering of the First Spouse coins right before the change was made on Wednesday.

The US Mint’s web address to purchase these coins is

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