First Spouse Gold Coin Prices May Rise

by admin on December 7, 2010

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Prices for 24 karat First Spouse Gold Coins could increase on Wednesday, since gold’s market price climbed above $1,400.00 an ounce several times in the last few days.

The United States Mint’s pricing policy bases its collector gold coin prices on the average weekly London Fix price of the yellow metal and the direction it is trending.

Below is a chart of the past few days of the London Fix’s Gold AM and PM prices. Note the jump in today’s prices.

Thursday, the 2nd $1,390.00 $1,389.00
Friday, the 3rd $1,391.75 $1,403.50
Monday, the 6th $1,411.50 $1,415.25
Tuesday, the 7th $1,426.00 $1,420.00
Wednesday, the 8th ? ?


The average illustrated in the chart is $1,405.87 without Wednesday’s prices. Those will prove critical in the Mint’s calculations. The AM price is a factor in determining the average. They will compare the average to the Mint’s First Spouse Gold Coin pricing grid. Next, they use the Wednesday PM price as a directional indicator, which is most important for this round.

Given how high daily prices have been since Friday PM, the weekly average should easily be above $1,400.00 an ounce. If Wednesday’s PM fixing is set at or below $1,399.99 an ounce, then prices will remain unchanged. Any higher and they will go up. Although the latest available PM price on Tuesday had gold at $1420, it worth noting prices could tumble in after-hour trading. A big drop overnight, although unexpected, could maintain current US Mint prices.

The one-half ounce Proof First Spouse Gold Coins are now priced at $854 and the Uncirculated First Spouse Gold Coins are $841. If a price change is warranted, the new levels will be $879 and $866 respectively, making the coins the most expensive they have ever been since their introduction in 2007.

Price adjustments are typically made before 12 PM Eastern Time on Wednesdays, although that time has varied to as late as Thursday morning.

In addition to First Spouse Gold Coins, there are five more available US Mint offerings that would be affected. These are listed in the table below.

Item Increase Current Price New Price
American Buffalo 24-karat Gold Proof $50 $1,660.00 $1,710.00
1 oz American Eagle Gold Proof (Sold Out) $50 $1,635.00 N/A
1/2 oz American Eagle Gold Proof $25 $831.00 $856.00
1/4 oz American Eagle Gold Proof $12.50 $428.00 $440.50
1/10 oz American Eagle Gold Proof $5.00 $185.50 $190.50
American Eagle Gold Proof 4 coin Set $92.50 $3,030.50 $3,123.00

N/A means Not Applicable. The 1 oz 2010 Gold Eagle Proof sold out.

For those who are interested in purchasing these coins, the US Mint’s web address is and toll free at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). .

The last time the Mint changed their prices was Wednesday, November 10, 2010.

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