Letitia Tyler First Spouse Coin Delayed, Gold Coin Prices Rise

by admin on June 2, 2009

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June starts with two major developments for First Spouse Gold Coins. First, each coin will increase in price this week by $25. Second, the launch of the Letitia Tyler First Spouse Coin has been postponed.

For the former, the US Mint will increase uncirculated First Spouse Gold Coins from to $616 to $641, and the proof versions from $629 to $654. The new price updates will likely take affect by Wednesday noon, as they follow the Mint’s pricing policy to readjust collector gold coin prices based on the weekly average of London gold prices.

That average is now above $950 an ounce, which kicks in the change. The Mint last adjusted prices $25 higher on May 13 in response to gold moving above $900. For more, read the CoinNews article US Mint Gold Coin Price Increases.

For an as of yet unexplained reason or reasons, the Mint has changed the launch date of 2009 Letitia Tyler gold coins from Thursday, June 4th, to Wednesday, July 1. The Mint’s updated product schedule tells the tale.

With that, expectations are that the Louisa Adams First Spouse Coin will be available for another month, although there is no guarantee. The 2008-dated coin was slated to removed from Mint stores once the Letitia coin was released. Interesting, several weeks back, Adams’ coin sales spiked in what appeared to be a response to their soon to be unavailability.

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