Gold First Spouse Coin Prices Set to Move Lower

by admin on April 7, 2009

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Declining ChartFirst Spouse Gold Coin prices are headed lower this week, according to the US Mint policy to adjust pricing for gold coins using the London Fix weekly average.

The "magic" threshold for current Mint pricing is based on a London gold average of between $900-$950 an ounce, which kicked in and was used for the last round of Mint gold coin price reductions. Since Thursday, gold steadily began its track below $900 an ounce — triggering likely cuts Wednesday.

Using the Mint First Spouse Gold Coins Price Grid and assuming gold doesn’t shoot ballistically high Wednesday AM, prices will fall by $25. Proof coins now at $629 will come down to $604. Uncirculated coins will adjust from $616 to $591.

Ultra High Relief Gold Coins, which use a different adjustment scale, will also drop — from $1,289 to $1,239, or by $50.

According to the Mint and how it sets prices, the average London gold price from Thursday morning to Wednesday morning is calculated and compared to the mentioned grid. Here was the London Fix for gold during the dates in question:

London Fix Gold
4/8/2009 – Wednesday
not yet set
4/7/2009 – Tuesday
4/6/2009 – Monday
4/3/2009 – Friday
4/2/2009 – Thursday


As is evident, it would take a near miracle jump in gold Wednesday morning for the coins to stay at their current sticker prices.

Based on the last two adjustments, the Mint could lower prices around noon Wednesday following the London AM “fixing.” However, for the first two changes the Mint froze ordering on Wednesday (afternoon) and resumed order taking Thursday morning with new prices.

[Editor's Update: The US Mint on Wednesday morning reduced prices to those listed above.]

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