First Spouse Gold Coin Price Increases

by admin on May 12, 2009

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Declining ChartFirst Spouse Gold Coin prices will be raised Wednesday or Thursday by $25 each, based on higher gold prices and the Mint’s pricing grid.

The Mint uses a weekly average of London Fix prices (the previous Thursday a.m. Fix through to the Wednesday a.m. Fix), and that gold average it currently above $900 an ounce. With that, an upward price adjustment is in the works.

In recent times when an update was needed, the Mint changed prices around noon on Wednesday. However, it has also made the move Thursday morning.

Given the new gold range, prices for the uncirculated coins will increase from $591 to $616 and the proof options will rise from $604 to $629.

The following are the prices the Mint will use to arrive at an average:

London Fix Gold
5/13/2009 – Wednesday not yet set n/a
5/12/2009 – Tuesday 920.000 917.00
5/11/2009 – Monday 912.50 913.00
5/8/2009 – Friday 917.50 907.00
5/7/2009 – Thursday 912.75 912.25


April 8 was the last time the Mint had to adjust what they charged for First Spouse coins — reducing each by each $25.

Ultra High Relief Gold Coins, which use a different adjustment scale, will also increase — from $1,239 to $1,289, or by $50.

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