First Spouse Gold Coin Price Guide Update

by admin on August 9, 2009

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The First Spouse Gold Coin Price Guide has been updated to include the proof and uncirculated coins honoring First Lady Julia Tyler, which the United States Mint launched Thursday, August 6, 2009.

The price guide includes:

  • The latest US Mint sales figures for each First Spouse Coin
  • The latest US Mint prices for all First Spouse Coins
  • The intrinsic value of the gold within each coin
  • The difference between a Mint’s coin price and its intrinsic value (in $ and %)
  • Links to US Mint product pages for each coin
  • Link to the First Spouse Coin page offering information on the coin and a brief biography of the First Lady
  • For coins no longer offered by the US Mint, links to current eBay auctions

The guide also includes an adjustable gold spot price which drives the coin pricing grid. While a modern collectible gold coin’s intrinsic value should not be used to judge its numismatic worth, knowing the value of gold within a coin is nevertheless insightful.

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